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Rooter Plumbing a Hero’s Tale

A hero cape seems to accompany the Mr. Rooter Plumbing uniform these days.

Whether its retrieving a 6-hour-old puppy that slipped down the drain or recovering a 4-month-old kitten that fell behind a water heater, Mr. Rooter plumbers are saving the day. So far this year, Mr. Rooter has safely rescued two kittens, a puppy, a ferret and a tortoise. And we cant forget the jewelry!

Since were seven months into the year, click here to read about our Top 7 Recoveries.

1. Miracle Mothers Day Gift in Mesa, Ariz.

After a stray cat gave birth to kittens in an attic, one fell and became trapped in a wall. Mr. Rooter plumber Dan Pentico used his video inspection camera to locate the kitten. But it took cutting out a square hole in the wall to safely remove it. Dan told his 9-year-old daughter it would take a miracle for her to get a kitten, but miracles do happen!

2. The Tortoise and the Plumber in Santa Cruz, Calif.

A turtle found his way under a house and was nestled in a hard-to-reach location. Out of sight, its owners called Mr. Rooter Plumbing. Service professional Hugo Fernandez used a video inspection camera, and searched under the house. Thanks to the high tech equipment, Hugo found the turtle and returned him to his owners.

3. Surprise Sewer Save in Youngstown, Ohio

When a pet ferret was let out of his cage, it found its way into a drain pipe. Mr. Rooter service technician Chris Crawford arrived with his video inspection camera in tow. As the camera went past the ferret, it started shimmying its way backward until it could be pulled out by its tail. In Chriss 21 years of plumbing, hed never pulled a live animal out of a sewer!

4. Tag Team Works in Southeast Wisconsin

It took two video inspection cameras to find an earring that was accidently dropped down the bathroom sink drain. When taking off the P-trap under the sink proved fruitless, Mr. Rooter Plumbings Terry Johnson and John Donovan turned to two cameras, which helped them spot the earring in just 20 minutes.

5. Rescued Puppy Rescued Again by Plumber in San Diego, Calif.

Just hours after a newly rescued dog delivered six puppies at a humane society, the runt slipped down a drain. It took Mr. Rooter service technician Thomas Huff an hour to dig up the drainage pipe and save the 6-hour-old pup. Amazed with the puppys ability to handle the jackhammer rescue, Thomas brought his children back to visit the puppy.

6. Trapped 4-Month-Old Kitten in Tallahassee, Fla.

After a kitten fell behind a water heater, she couldnt get out. It was almost midnight when Mr. Rooter got the frantic call. Technician Kyle Jones cut a section of the pipe using a handheld saw, and less than 15 minutes later the perfectly healthy kitten was back with her owner.

7. Ring Returned After Removal of Pipe in Newberg, Ore.

Just 30 minutes after a woman accidently dropped her ring down the kitchen sink drain, Mr. Rooter service technician Vitaliy Garbaruk was trying to find it. Upon removing the exposed drain line and emptying its contents into a bucket, he spotted the ring in some grease. She had her ring back on her finger after only an hour of search and rescue.