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There has been a lot of storm damage recently in the Phoenix, Glendale area that Poynor Roofing has been fixing. The recent storm damage was caused by the October Hail storm. This was not only one of Arizonas largest hail storms, it also was one the largest storms on record.
The Storm did have big hail, many places having over 2 in diameter hail. But this size hail in and of itself is not usually worthy of the kind of attention this storm has garnered. There have recently been storms, one in South Dakota that the hail stones were over softball size in diameter and weighing in at over a pound per stone.
The reason why the Phoenix storm was so destructive wasnt only because of the large hail the storm caused, but because of the far reaching tentacles of this storm. There has been damage reported as far west as Peoria Az all the way east to Mesa Arizona.
Poynor Roofing Fixes More
There are still more fresh claims being reported to the insurance company on a daily basis. There is one insurance company reporting nearly 1200 fresh claims a week still 4 months after the storm. One adjustor stated that only 30% of their costumers they thought would call have called in a claim yet.
Poynor Roofing still Getting New Calls
There are still many concerned home owners calling Poynor Roofing and asking if their roof can still be inspected. It is still a good time to get a roof inspection done for this last storm and if there is notable storm damage, the insurance companies will still pay to replace the roof.
It is true that insurance companies will not always pay to replace your roof from storm damage, but right now is still a good time to let them know if you have some damage. Many insurance companies still have their catastrophe teams in town to help the local companies with the claims process. Call Poynor Roofing Today for a free roof inspection.